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Our Shop's History

Though we have been in business for a long time, our main workshop is much, much older.

We are extremely proud of our local heritage as we are housed in a historic building built between 1916-1918 that was the company store for a local coal mine in Lincoln Hill (the old Lincoln Hill Mine run by the Christopher Mining Corporation) that closed in the 1940's just west of downtown Washington, PA on Route 40. Our neighboring building - now an Italian restaurant - was once the mine's theatre and tavern. A piece of history - right here in Lincoln Hill!

Click on the old image below to see our area in the days of the coal mines.

We have a clean copy of these photos, scanned and saved if anyone is interested in local history and is available upon request. Also, we are asking anyone who has photos of this era to contact us as we would like to do a history page for Lincoln Hill. Our sincerest thanks to long-time Lincoln Hill residents, such as Martha Ward, for assistance in gathering this rich history.

Our building is in rich in history. Now housing our business, as well as three apartments above it, the old building stands as a landmark many people remember from days gone by.

Our business, founded in the 70's, has been serving the surrounding Western Pennsylvania region for over 30 years, and continues supporting our region by offering an expanding range of products and services.

Hurricane Ivan Photo Gallery

Owner: James T. O'Connor


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