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Fully-Automated Mailing Services

Our complete mailing department handles all aspects of your mailing, whether standard First Class or mass mailing (once called "Bulk Mailing") for over 250 pieces. For 250 pieces or more, we recommend using Presort Standard to save the cost of postage per piece.

Save money on your postage while we are printing your mailing pieces by using our mailing permit, called an "indicia" if we are doing the mailing for you. According to, "In postage, indicia are markings on a mail piece showing that postage has been paid by the sender..."

You could purchase a mailing permit for your business or organization, a permit to mail at Standard Class rates, and currently costs almost $200 per year, with a startup fee of the same. This indicia, whether you have you own mailing permit or choose to use our own, is the cost-effective way to send out multiple pieces to your intended audience. The usage of our pre-sort standard indicia is available for mailing pieces of 250 or more, and is free to use if we are providing your mailing services. We collate, insert, seal, label, zip code sort, tray or sack the pieces and deliver all directly to the Post Office.

Your organization is already registered with the Post Office as a "Non-Profit"? There are much greater discounts if you are a nonprofit organization and have received approval from the USPS to mail at nonprofit prices. The nonprofit price for the same piece of mail using Standard Class. We also supply the Non-Profit indicia for this too.

Barcoding: now with postage rates increasing frequently, is the most efficient way to be sure your direct mailing gets where it is going quickly. Just provide your mailing list in an Excel spreadsheet, and let us do the rest. No more printing your own labels and spending your precious time doing mailings, as well as wasting gas going to the Post Office for postage and drop-off. We do it all for you! No more paperwork! Adding barcodes to your addresses would save you money.

Not using us to print but are considering us as your mailer? No problem. Just go to our Mailing page and ask your printer to pull our indicia. They can imprint it on your piece and then we can mail it for you. Our mailing service offers you the best way to avoid all the hassles and lets you reap the rewards in savings.

Please visit our Mailing page for more detailed information.

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